Cinderella Beauty Clinic is a professional medical cosmetic clinic situated in the elite district of ​​Metro Burnaby.
About Us

Since 2014, Cinderella has been at the forefront of helping beauty lovers in Greater Vancouver pursue aesthetic perfection. Currently located in Metrotown, Burnaby. A second branch, located in the heart of Richmond, is anticipated to open in June 2020.

Our service covers aesthetic-injection, laser beauty, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and much more. We are determined to be the benchmark in the field of non-invasive medical aesthetics by providing exceptional customer experience alongside the safest, most effective and innovative beauty care services to yield optimal results. In the last six years, Cinderella has garnered acclamation and praise from thousands of satisfied customers, making us one of the few elite medical beauty clinics in Metro Burnaby.

Cinderella Beauty Clinic's team includes doctors, nurses, laser technicians, and beauticians. Our team is people-oriented, and we are committed to providing total customer satisfaction. Our instruments and equipment comply with the Canadian Department of Safety, and all our technicians undergo rigorous professional training and are all accredited with the latest certifications. If you are seeking to enhance your beauty through non-invasive methods, Cinderella Beauty Clinic is undoubtedly your best option.

Cinderella is also committed to giving back to the community through sponsoring non-profit charity initiatives such as the “Angel Makeover Fundraiser” where all revenues and proceeds are donated to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital and Richmond Hospital annually.

Meet Our Elite Team
  • Amanda Wang

    Amanda Wang

    -Senior Consultant
    ​-Executive Director
    ​-BC Certified Laser Technician
    ​-North American authorized Ultherapy Practitioner
    ​-Solta Medical authorized Thermage operator
    ​-BC Registered Dermatology Consultant
    ​-International Semi-Permanent Makeup Lecturer
    ​-International Special Effects Makeup Artist

    Amanda Wang graduated in 2013 from Simon Fraser University, one of Canada's elite business and science universities. Driven by her love for the beauty and skincare industry, she pursued a qualification at Blanche Macdonald in Special Effects Makeup and served as lead special effects makeup artist in several film and television productions all while attending school. Her passion then led her to attend A-in Academy, the #1 institution for semi-permanent makeup education in South Korea, to obtain her international semi-permanent makeup artist certification, upon which she became one of the first few semi-permanent makeup artists in Vancouver.

    Amanda’s extensive background experience includes treating dark spots, skin lifting, and improving the appearance of stretch marks. Not only did she receive training from British Columbia's Academy of Aesthetics and Skincare, she also had continued study from Alma Laser. Her studies have also brought her to Merz and Syneron Corporations in the United States where she had continued her studies.

    Amanda’s wealth of experience has led her to become a senior medical skin consultant and laser technician. As a senior consultant, her philosophy is to bring confidence and charisma to all her customers by customizing tailor-made treatments and comprehensive plans to treat problem skin.

  • Dr. Andy Chen

    Dr. Andy Chen

    -Medical School Instructor

    ​-Certified Facial Aesthetics Injector of BC

    ​-Member of the College of Physicians of Canada

    ​-Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

    ​-Certified Doctor of BC

    Andy Chen is a family physician and facial aesthetics expert, who has been trained by leaders in the field of aesthetics practice.  His skill set includes the use of Botox and dermal fillers for the treatment of signs of aging, as well as Botox treatments for migraine headaches, facial slimming, and a variety of other indications.

    Chen's approach to facial aesthetics emphasizes the importance of client satisfaction, and his goal is to ensure that all who come to see him are well-educated on the treatment options, don't feel pressured to receive more treatments than they desire, and leave his clinic feeling their most beautiful self. He is happy to provide free consultations and is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

  • RN. Kevin Li

    RN. Kevin Li

    -Certified Aesthetics Injector of BC
    -Registered Nurse of BC
    -Certified Doctor in China
    -Certified Cardiac Surgeon in China

    Kevin Li is our newest aesthetic injector at Cinderella Beauty Clinic. He grew up in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in China and in 2007, he studied a 5-year clinical medicine program at Southern Medical University, formerly known as First Military Medical University.

    From 2009 to 2010, he was a resident physician who specialized in cardiology, cardiac surgery, and general surgery at The General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region. In the following two years from 2011 to 2012, he became a resident physician specializing in burns and plastic surgery and cardiovascular medicine at Nanfang Hospital of Nanfang Medical University.

    Afterward, he moved to Canada in 2013 and studied a RN program at Cape Breton University of Nova Scotia in 2014. In 2016, he successfully completed Cosmetic Botox and Filler Injection training, Botox Hyperhidrosis Treatment training, Sclerotherapy Treatment Training, and Laser Operation training as an international medical graduate at Dr. Deborah Martin's Rejuvenation Centre in Barrie, Ontario. Hence, Kevin was proud to become the first Chinese Medical cosmetic injection practitioner in Nova Scotia.

    In 2017, Kevin learned from Dr. Xiangjie Chu and Dr. Yiyuan Su, the masters of face line sculpting, and had successfully completed the line carving training program at Athena Medical College in China. In the same year, he worked at WorldPath Clinic International as a doctor and worked with Dr. Yi Xie, the Dean at the clinic, to complete over 100 cases of blood purification treatments. In 2018, Kevin worked at the Department of Hemodialysis at Halifax QE2 Hospital.

    Collectively, Kevin has completed over 1600 cases of BOTOX injections, 1500 cases of dermal filler injections, and 500 cases of face line sculpting.

    Recently in October 2018, he has have moved from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and have joined the team at Cinderella.

  • Lily Zhang

    Lily Zhang

    -Senior Consultant
    ​-BC Certified Laser Technician

    ​-BC Registered Beautician

    ​-North American registered Ultherapy Practitioner

    ​-Merz Institute authorized Ultherpahy operator

    ​-Solta Medical authorized Thermage operator

    ​-Certified Laser technician from Merz, Alma Laser, and Syneron Candela

    She has also received professional training at the Alma Laser Technology Institute for Harmony XL Pro and received VShape training and authorization for operation. Lily has also received training from the Merz Institute for Advanced Medical Aesthetics where she obtained a designated operator qualification for Ultherapy.

    With her expertise, Lily led Cinderella beauty to obtain the diamond-level reward, the highest honour, issued by Thermage in 2019. Since completed over 200 successful Thermage treatments within six months, crowning her as the Thermage Queen in our clinic. Lily’s strong fundamental knowledge and experience allows her to show patients the best visible results regardless of skin and body shape. Lily is patient and devoted to understanding your specific concerns and offers unparalleled personalized service. Lily looks forward to meeting you at Cinderella Beauty Clinic.

  • Coco Jiang

    Coco Jiang

    -Senior Skin Consultant
    ​-BC Registered Laser Technician

    Coco’s background also includes various aesthetic procedures and aims to provide customized solutions to her patients through detailed consultation. Over the years, Coco has continued to innovate by combining various laser technologies with her knowledge and her attitude to provide exceptional results to her patients. As a trained laser technician, Coco strives for perfection, earning the trust of countless satisfied customers.

    Coco believes that empowering women is imperative and aims to achieve their vision through her capabilities. She currently manages intense pulsed light (IPL), photo rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, and other procedures.

  • Krystal Gan

    Krystal Gan

    -Senior Skin Consultant
    ​-Registered Cosmetologist in British Columbia

    Krystal graduated from Vancouver Community College, majoring in beauty and skincare. Currently, Krystal is a senior skin consultant and a registered cosmetologist in British Columbia. As a beautician with long experiences, Krystal has a unique eye for both fashion and beauty, allowing her to provide unique insights to her patients. Krystal enjoys learning as she keeps herself up to date with the latest trends and technology in the industry.

    Krystal's mission is to explore the latest industry techniques to help her patients. She does this by guiding her patients through a comprehensive approach to help them change their image so that they can enjoy a flawless life. She believes that the spirit of persistence is extraordinary. Her pragmatic and professional skills help her customers experience first-class care as she establishes herself as a leader in the medical beauty community.

  • Linda Jiang

    Linda Jiang

    -Senior Skin Consultant
    ​-Registered Senior Beautician in British Columbia

    Linda’s long experience has led to her becoming a senior beauty trainer, working with several well-known beauty clinics in the Greater Vancouver Region. Linda has shared her rich clinical practice and experiences with the latest technologies to enrich others. Linda has also worked as a lecturer and representative for many beauty brands a well.

    Linda's knowledge and foundation in beauty theories have led to her outstanding reputation in the industry. Linda believes that treating patients requires a combination of sincerity, enthusiasm, and a patient attitude. With her discerning eyes for aesthetics, she wants to help bring each patient's vision to life with her skilled hands.

  • Lily Wu

    Lily Wu

    -Lecturer at North American INDBA Beauty Association
    ​-Registered Senior Beautician in BC
    ​-Registered Laser Operator
    ​-IPSN International Beautician
    ​-Lecturer at the Taiwan Eyelash Association
    ​-Lecturer at Taiwan Beauty Education Association

    Lily has a strong sense of ingenuity, rich clinical experience, and solid theoretical knowledge, especially in the field of eyelash cosmetology and photon laser in which she is certified by the International Eyelash Beauty Professional Association of Taiwan and a Professional Photon Laser Technician. She is also a registered Cosmetologist of BC and an IPSN International Cosmetologist.

    Her delicate and personalized customer service nourishes the soul of our beauty clients. She has realized the dreams of thousands of beauty seekers and had won acclaim and commendation within the industry.

  • Cinderella Beauty Clinic

    Tel:+1 604.620.8619

    Address:#304,4603 kingsway,Burnaby,BC

    Cinderella Beauty Clinic

    Contact Number:+1 604.620.8619

    Address:#304,4603 kingsway,Burnaby,BC